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OAK - the ruler of the forest - for strength, wisdom and courage.


Oak is often seen as the ruler of the forest, the fabled green man of the woods. The protector of the woodlands. It is regarded as a tree of great power and strength. It was seen by the Druids as signifying endurance and the continuity of tradition, perhaps because of it's size and longevity. It was said that carying it or an acorn daily would help you live to a ripe old age, just like the tree itself. Fire and lightening strikes are two things oak has been thought to protect against (but we'd not like to put that one to the test). In the Celtic Ogham alphabet the oak represents 'Duir'. It is the Celtic birth tree for those born between June 10th and July 7th. Along with Ash & Hawthorn it makes up the sacred triad.


This oak amulet comes from a 200 year old reclaimed house beam.


Comes on a British sterling silver curb chain of either 24 inches (as pictured) or 28 inches.

Oak tube amulet

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