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HAWTHORN - for aiding in prerparing for work to be done, balance & duality. Cleansing negativity.


Hawthorn is imbued with both male and female energy. It has historically been a symbol of fertility. The contradictions in hawthorn make it a testiment to the idea of duality, the perfect depiction of yin and yang. In the Celtic Ogham alphabet hawthorn represents 'Huath'. It is the birth tree for May 13th - June 9th. Along with Ash & Oak it makes up the sacred triad.


This Hawthorn amulet is 3 inches long & is handmade from fallen wood from South Essex, and comes with a handwritten note from the artist. 


Comes on a British sterling silver curb chain of either 24 inches (as pictured) or 28 inches.

Hawthorn teardrop amulet

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