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ASH - for mastership, strength and power. Connecting earth & the heavens, the past and the future.


Ash is known as the tree of life or world tree. It is the mythical Yggdrasil in Nordic mythology, a tree so massive that it is said to have its branches in the heavens, its roots in the underworld and its trunk in the living realm hence the connection of earth and heavens, past and future. In the Celtic Ogham alphabet the ash represents 'Nion'. It is the Celtic birth tree for those born between February 18th and March 17th. Along with Oak & Hawthorn it makes up the sacred triad.


This ash amulet comes from wood sustainably sourced in Keynsham, Bristol.


Comes on a British sterling silver curb chain of either 24 inches (as pictured) or 28 inches.


Ash teardrop amulet

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